Devil’s Elbow Scenic Stop

A proposed rest-stop and viewpoint for travellers on the A93 for the 2016 Scottish Scenic Routes competition.

Located at the infamous 'Devil’s Elbow' corner, a steep double-hairpin bend on the old Military Road that forms the Cairnwell Pass, the site was a traditional place for travellers to stop and rest on the challenging climb towards Glen Shee on what is still the highest main road in the UK.

This proposal provides not only a place to rest and admire a view, but actively invites visitors to venture into the landscape of the glen via a winding path inspired by the old winding military and forestry roads that criss-cross the rural Scottish landscape.

The path offers visitors and numerous view points on their journey into the glen which terminates at a viewpoint which is inspired by and educates visitors about the unique geological features of the landscape. The proposal also acts as a gateway for hikers and climbers to the Glas Maol & Monega Hill walking routes.